1. Login into Amazon SageMaker

  2. Select a Region.

    Amazon SageMaker Studio is available in the following AWS Regions:

    • US East (Ohio), us-east-2
    • US East (N. Virginia), us-east-1
    • US West (N. Oregon), us-west-2
    • China (Beijing), cn-north-1
    • China (Ningxia), cn-northwest-1
    • EU (Ireland), eu-west-1

    To change the Region in the Amazon SageMaker console, use the Region selector at the upper-right corner of the console.

  3. Click on Amazon SageMaker Studio and complete the Studio onboarding process using the Amazon SageMaker console.

    When onboarding, you can choose to use either AWS Single Sign-On (AWS SSO) or AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for authentication methods. When you use IAM authentication, you can choose either the Quick start or the Standard setup procedure.

    • The simplest way to create an Amazon SageMaker Studio account is to follow the Quick start procedure.
    • For more control, including the option of using AWS SSO authentication, use the Standard setup procedures. Follow this link to create a notebook instance:
  4. login into the studio either through AWS SSO authentication or with IAM authentication.

In the next step, we will load the notebooks into Amazon SageMaker Studio.