Img Classification-Pipe Mode

Your data is transferred from S3 into the training instances when you start the training job. You can accelerate the speed at which data can be streamed from S3 into SageMaker, while training ML models, through Pipe Mode.

SageMaker Pipe Mode is a mechanism for providing S3 data to a training job via Linux fifos. Training programs can read from the fifo and get high-throughput data transfer from S3, without managing the S3 access in the program itself. Pipe Mode is covered in more detail in the SageMaker documentation

  1. Access the SageMaker Studio you setup earlier.
  2. On the left sidebar, navigate into MLAI/Script-mode/keras_cifar10 folder, double click on TF_keras_CIFAR10_ScriptMode_PipeMode.ipynb to open it.
  3. You are now ready to begin the notebook.

in our script, we enabled Pipe Mode using the following code:

from sagemaker_tensorflow import PipeModeDataset
dataset = PipeModeDataset(channel=channel_name, record_format='TFRecord')

and then we set input_mode='Pipe' in the estimator:

estimator_pipe = TensorFlow(base_job_name='pipe-cifar10-tf',